Core Offering

GCity Token is eco-friendly as it is built on the Ethereum Blockchain which has 99.9% carbon emission reduction. The Token is also deeply tied to our long-term green development projects (green cities and agroforestry systems) across Africa with certified emission reduction units( carbon credits). Therefore, we are offering a token that not only has very long-term strong fundamentals, but also enables the holder to actively participate in the global campaign on climate change and environmental protection.

We bring flexibility, efficiency, and transparency to real estate investment by providing a trading platform that will facilitate the immediate conversion of real estate into a highly liquid asset. This effectively eliminates the well documented asymmetric information, middleman effect, and illiquidity risk associated with real estate investments

Gcity token represents a practical solution to financial and social exclusion across Africa and beyond. We have developed a large social network and ecosystem comprising individuals, market associations, professional bodies, and NGOs across Africa to be involved in our green development projects. Hence, compared to other tokens, GCity Token has high acceptability and strong community support as it functions primarily as a means of payment and exchange in all our green cities

Token Fundamentals/Reinforcement